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Applying the 5 languages of love in the workplace

Ok, so some of you may be asking yourselves what on earth the 5 languages of love can have to do with strengthening (PROFESSIONAL) relationships in the workplace. Without turning soft on you I’m going to argue that they can be translated in to the workplace and that they do make a difference to the quality of our relationships.

The 5 love languages – formed by Gary Chapman distinguish between the different ways people show and receive love. We tend to have a preferred language. In many cases they are the symbolic displays that show we love and are loved. So how can they be applied at work? Continue reading ‘Applying the 5 languages of love in the workplace’


Does showing appreciation really work?

I recently read an article about giving praise and how we respond when we receive praise. The article put forward the argument that giving and receiving praise is emotionally complicated and a difficult communication skill. I have to agree.

As a leader, how many times have you heard that people want to be praised, they want to be recognised for their work, and they want to be appreciated? It’s your job to give this praise and recognition in a way that works for each of your team. If it’s emotionally complicated and difficult, how can you be expected to get it right? Continue reading ‘Does showing appreciation really work?’